Lifebook – Week 1

Week One Project001

I’ve started an online mixed media art class – “Lifebook 2015”.  There will be weekly lessons for the entire year.  My hope is to post them on the blog for you to see.

The first week’s lesson was centered around painting a face.  We were to create a character that represents our connection to the “spiritual”.  Whatever that means to each of us.  The character will be our “beacon of light”.

I found the lesson on drawing and painting the face extremely helpful.  And the one piece of advice I took away was – keep adding layers to your paint.  It adds depth.  And it really is true.  I had to exercise some patience and not be afraid to keep alternating shadow  and light until it really looked the way I wanted.

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3 Responses to Lifebook – Week 1

  1. PA Pict says:

    I love your friendly, cheerful beacon. I am doing LB too – it will be nice to see another friendly face there.

  2. compasshr says:

    Excellent! Hope you’re posting your work in the Facebook group. I’m really looking forward to connecting with everyone this year!

  3. Reblogged this on B.E.S.T. Arts Gallery and commented:
    Cool classes!

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