Lifebook – Week 4 Project

Week 4 project

Acrylic over collage.

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3 Responses to Lifebook – Week 4 Project

  1. Your version of the lesson is wonderful. You have captured the poise of the tightrope walker perfectly and I love how the colours of your collage papers are reflected in the colours you chose for your painting. Well done! (My version of this lesson is an ugly “learning opportunity”. I am just willing myself to blog about it actually.)

    • compasshr says:

      Thanks, Laura! Don’t feel pressured to post about every lesson. You can choose not to. We own our blogs, right? But, it’s also refreshing to see an artist post and comment on their work that they don’t like so much. It gives people confidence to know that nobody is perfect and nobody like ALL of their own work.

      • Thank you for your encouraging words. I choose to blog about the good, the bad and the ugly so I have blogged about my mess of a painting. We cannot all be good at everything after all.

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