Lifebook – Tree of Life

Tree of Life001

As you can see, I wasn’t feeling particularly sweet or charming during the Tree of Life lesson.  Even though Tam’s  sample project was both of those things.  I just wasn’t feeling in tune with whimsical little girls.  My favorite magenta paint wasn’t speaking to me.  Even my go-to beloved turquoise was silent.

When all else fails, clean your workspace.  And I ran across a Teesha Moore stamp of legs ending in roots.  And everything started to flow.

Maybe there is an overabundance of Tolkien and Marvel superheroes in my world, but my Tree of Life is more a Tree Alive.  Blame it on Treebeard and Groot!

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3 Responses to Lifebook – Tree of Life

  1. Groot in stripy tights! I am rather charmed by that idea. I love that you totally went your own way with the bonus lesson. I’m still working on my version and think it looks frankly a bit pants. I’m not really a whimsy person so I tried to mesh the subject and composition with my own style. I should have been more like you and just come at it from a completely different angle.

  2. casandralee says:

    i see a tree performing a burlesque show and i am staring at her hips…. 😀

  3. compasshr says:

    She may be an Ent-ish version of a Vegas showgirl. Hmmm….

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