Treasure Hunting – and finding!


Ok, kids, how many of you had one of these when you were little?

I found this at an antique store last weekend.  Vintage 1967 Spirograph.  It even has the original pens and paper!

Our whole family sat around the dining table and played with it after I brought it home.  My plan is to use it to create some mandalas for a circular journal that I’m working on.  And, just to play with – cause it’s fun!

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3 Responses to Treasure Hunting – and finding!

  1. I loved spirograph as a kid. It was such fun seeing the patterns emerge on the paper. I got my kids one for Christmas so I will have to have a play with it – especially since you mentioned creating mandalas.

  2. Mike says:

    Oh my word, “Jealous” just isn’t the right word to describe how I’m feeling looking at that photo! The hours and hours of fun spent with one of those and a set of different coloured pens… Oh the memories…

  3. racharoonie says:

    This is ace, I had a spirograph as a kid and looking back I definitely didn’t get the most out of it. Time for a browse on ebay perhaps…

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