Lifebook – Week 15


This week’s lesson was a two-page spread with Tamara Laporte.

We learned to draw a 3/4 face, and to use black and white to create drama in our work.  We also were to use a more intuitive approach to the work.  Less planning.

This seemed like a crazy mess for most of the time I worked on it.  Then, it magically started to look like something coherent.  I really love the finished product.  The colors are crazy bright and neon in some spots.  The whole thing has a glow that I couldn’t capture in a picture.

Wonderful lesson, Tam!

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One Response to Lifebook – Week 15

  1. I love the bright colours against the monochrome elements. It’s got real impact and depth. I’ve watched the video tutorials but am unable to embark on the lesson yet. I had to clear my art stuff away because we have guests coming. It will be interesting to see how I cope with the intuitive element as I’m such a control freak.

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