Remembering the Purple One

A friend of mine recently said that he felt sad that he’s appreciating Prince so much after he’s gone, and didn’t do so when he was alive. I feel the same. And I spent some time thinking about why this is so. Here’s what I concluded:

Prince was such a huge and integral part of many of our lives for so long that his presence was simply there. Like trees, flowers and rain (purple?). We never noticed how his presence filled our world. Until he was gone. And now his absence is a yawning void. One that is shocking and incomprehensible. So we wind up here, in the ether, grasping at every small part of him we can find. Simply to try and fill that chasm and make it a size we can absorb and understand.

It is amazing that one diminutive, kind, eccentric soul could fill so much space in the world. That monuments all over the globe were lit purple the night he died. That every performer on stage that night did some kind of cover of one of his songs. That this electric world we inhabit was suddenly filled with tributes and tears.

We shouldn’t feel bad for suddenly appreciating him more now that he’s gone. We are simply ensuring that he will continue to be present in our world.


2016-04-22 18.46.13-2

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One Response to Remembering the Purple One

  1. What a beautiful visual tribute to a very unique talent.

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