Inktober Day 1

The prompt today is “fast”. I decided to start simple in order to try out a new brush pen and get a feel for its lines. 

The brush pen was great. Then I was using my favorite fountain pen to do fine lines and for the first time ever it blobbed right on my drawing! Very not happy about that.

Tomorrow is a new day and a fresh page. See you here with my next little doodle.

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2 Responses to Inktober Day 1

  1. Many is the time I’ve had a blob or a smear. Isn’t it always the case that it happens right at the end of a drawing too so you can’t accommodate it in the composition, camouflage it? Oh well. Regardless of that blob, your illustration is great. I love the bold text behind the character. It’s a great interpretation of the prompt too.

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